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Here are some questions you might have about our new website and member automation. You may also feel free to email us at chamber@oakhurstchamber.com with any additional questions.


How do I become a Chamber member?

You can easily become a member by click this link and paying by credit card or check. Our goal is to keep the membership process simple, so it’s best to pay online.


What are the benefits of being a Chamber member?

Every member will tell you there are many benefits of becoming a member of the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce. But here is a full list of benefits for each level of membership.


I’ve forgotten my password. Can you reset it for me?

Only active members have website acces. If your membership is current, then click here to reset your password. You will have to know your username or email on the account. If you don’t remember either, please email chamber@oakhurstchamber.com or call us at (559) 683-7766.


I just joined. How do I get/update my online directory listing?

When you join the chamber, please give us 1-3 days to set up your listing account. You will then be able to upload your logo, enter your company’s description, amenities and add some gallery images. Click this link to manage your listing.


What’s the difference between My Account and My Directory Listing?

My Account = your membership information, used only by the OACC administration. This information stays private.

My Directory Listing = your public page that any site visitor can view, which you can modify yourself.


How do I renew my membership?

Once you’ve logged in to your account, you can click here to renew your membership.


I’ve stopped getting invoices in the mail. How will I know when my membership payment is due?

We are trying to minimize paperwork and automate as much as we can at the OACC. Therefore all invoices/renewal notices will be sent via email. This is why it’s extremely important that your email address is correct in your Account Settings, as this is the primary way the Chamber will contact you.